Response/Reviews Of People To New Technologies

Technology is a type of invention which is useful for a human being to survive in their day-to-day life. New technologies are making the survival of human entity easier than before. It is continuously growing up and developing new devices, gadgets, machinery, etc. which is necessary to get the casual lifestyle. As in the ancient world survival of humans was harder as compared to our present life.

Let us suppose an example of Smartphone, it is helpful for all of us, we can’t imagine our daily life without Smartphone, and especially youngsters are more dependent on them. They need their Smartphone with them for every work; internet had joined people with latest and new updates of entire worlds on their fingertips.

Though it can live an effortless lifestyle this Smartphone is harmful to us, they have lost our thinking level, cause for every little work we depend on mobile phones. Not only mobiles but also on different types of machinery too. These machines are easily replicable with human beings because they are more beneficial, with having good potential, accuracy, and efficiency.

Technologies are developing because of inventions, and inventions need innovations to make the things superior. There is lots of example of technologies and the best discovery of humans till now is robots. We can see them in our day-to-day life, in the form of our household devices/gadgets. If we compare our lifestyle with ancient life, then we will get the prominent difference between this. The best technology I had recently read is about BRAINNET.

In this technology we humans can upload or store our memories in the computer; according to some people, it is beneficial for Alzheimer patients. But again according to few of them, it is harmful to normal humans at some points like some people can misuse this technology. Another technology I had read is INTERNET CONTACT LENSES. In this technology, you can connect with the internet by using eye contact within a fraction of a second. And it is easily available at shopping sites at cheap costs.

Recently Japan had made AI ROBOTS for their students. With the help of these innovative robots, students will learn the English language in a fun way. Another thing is to increase the interest in reading of students, America is discovering the MINI ROBOT-READING BUDDY in Wisconsin, and students of their country are enjoying the learning process. But all these inventions are not only happening in foreign countries.

This is also happening in our India too. In the last month at Bombay Stock Exchange with the partnership of Microsoft and Shephertz BSE launches “ASK MOTABHAI” Chatbot. It provides the latest information, more convenient access to stock market information. By using the innovative technology 8th, the standard student from Dhanlkshami School had made a robot. They had hosted the flag by using this robot on the occasion of 15th August.

There are lots of inventions are occurring in our life. These inventions are getting more beneficial, giving an easier lifestyle to us with the help of innovations. Though this technology is fast according to people, it is harder to accept the changes. Mean for youngsters the technology is going great like they are going crazy about new inventions and innovations too. The people of middle age are learning to adopt this technology, but for old age people accepting this new technology is like acquiring daily new challenges. But they are also trying to gain these things for their better survival.


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