You have exceeded your Windows Roaming Profile Quota

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Today this message appeared on my desktop about Profile storage space. I don’t know how to check how much space I have left or how much space is busy. Can anyone help me to check and if is possible please tell me more about this.

Thanks !

Profile storage space

You’ve exceeded your Windows Roaming Profile Quota. Run: ECN HELP -> Clean My Profile. If this doesn’t reduce your profile enough, see KB article “Windows Roaming Profile” @


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You have exceeded your Windows Roaming Profile Quota


Windows Roaming Profiles enable you to use different computers and still have same settings and files on each of them because they are saved to the server. The server gives you a certain limit ("quota") of these settings and files. Once the quota is exceeded, you will get the error you're experiencing. Fixing this error requires cleaning the storage space on the server which is done by following these steps:

1. Double click the red circle icon in the taskbar (lower right corner of the screen, near the clock):

2. This screen will open. In it, you can see how much quota you have left. In this case, it is exceeded by 4124 KB (26.6% over the quota).

3. To clear the unnecessary information, click "Start", point to "Programs", point to "ECN Help" and click "Clean My Profile".

This process is automatic and once done, will stop this error from appearing again.

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