Will An Nvidia Mainboard Process In This Particular Series Of Video Card?

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I want to replace my old video card with a 5400 series of Evergreen graphics processing unit. Will an NVIDIA main board process is this particular series of video card?

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The new video card should be able to work, but there are some things that you will need to check first:

  • From the site that you are downloading from, you will need to check and make sure that indeed that video driver is meant for the operating system that you are using. That if you are using windows 7, you should make sure that you get a driver that is meant to be used on windows 7 and not another operating system like windows XP.
  • And from the vendor that you are buying the video card from, you should make sure that is tested to make sure that it is compatible to your system, for it may happen that the video card does not meet the hardware requirements of your system.

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1.) First of all you should check whether your motherboard supports AGP or PCI slots?

2.) If it supports AGP card then you should ask for an agp series card and if your motherboard supports PCI cards then you should go for an PCI express card.

3.) This will help you for sure all you just need to do is check the compatibility of your motherboard and then go for the GPU and one more thing before you purchase a GPU you should also get a good PSU because after putting a GPU in your motherboard  you need to ensure that the required power which is to be provided to the GPU is there otherwise it can cause serious damage to the motherboard and other components of the system too.Because it is the power supply unit which provides power to the system and we should ensure that we have a good PSU for our system.You can check how much power is required to support your GPU through the nvidia website or any of the card which you wish to buy from those websites.

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