How do I Repair My Samsung Hard Disk Drive ?

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I Have A Samsung Hard Disk Drive. Some Days Ago My D Drive Was Crashed.

After Crashed I Am Trying To Format But Manually I Can’t Format.

Then I Am Trying To Format With Windows XP Setup Time And Is Was Ok.

But My Winnows XP Is No Missing Win32 So I Try To Install XP.

But When Start Boot It Stop And Shown Me A Message Like: “CD Can’t Boot.

I Am Trying Many CD And As Usual Show Me This.

Now What Can I Do?

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How do I Repair My Samsung Hard Disk Drive ?


Hi good day,

These kind of issue due to the defect of CD room lens, the lens of the CD room will not work properly. or the BIOS Setup problem, Check the setting of BIOS setup. Please check your CD-rom to avoid the “CD Can’t Boot” error.

 Replace the old cd-room and change new CD-rom drive.

If the issue will not resolve it is the time to troubleshot the hard disk drive.

To repair the hard disk drive:

1. Remove the hard disk drive from the CPU case.

2. Put the hard drive inside the silopane.

3. Then after that put it on into the Freezer and wait until 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

4. Remove the hard disk drive from the freezer. Wait until 5 minutes and put it back to the CPU case insert the power connector and start the computer.

For more information visit to this site and you are in there type in the search box “how to repair hard disk drive”.

After this steps make new installation of the Windows system.

Thank you,hope its help.



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How do I Repair My Samsung Hard Disk Drive ?


It seems that the time you badly needed to use your Windows XP setup disc it got broken and your optical drive has a hard time reading the CD on the CD/DVD drive.

The disc may not be broken and the problem is with your optical drive that is somehow encountering problems reading the CD.

Try inserting a different disc on the optical drive and see if your computer can read the disc.

If it turns out that it can read other CDs and your Windows XP setup disc is the only CD that it can’t read then you probably need to find a different Windows XP setup disc to finally fix your computer’s problem.

But if your CD/DVD drive can’t read any disc then your optical drive’s lens is probably dirty already.

You just have to clean it using an ordinary CD cleaner so the drive can read again.

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