What will replace the Nil style ?

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Hi All,

I’m using an Alter command for my database and I added a style column. I can’t get back the style before, it just Nil since style has been added. What will replace the Nil style if I’m going to change it? Any help ? Thanks in advance

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What will replace the Nil style ?



Virtually just about almost every function or even macro throughout CLSQL that is run on type A databases make use of the need for this variable since the default benefit for it's database constant.

Value of this particular parameter will be transformed by inquiries to get in touch, which sets *default-database* to the databases object this returns. It's also transformed simply by simply phone telephone cell phone message or calling to disconnect, when the database object becoming detach will be the same because the price of *default-database*. In cases like this detach sets *default-database* towards the very initial databases that remains within side the list of active collections as came back simply by simply connected-databases, or even NIL when absolutely simply zero more active database sexist. 
The consumer might change *default-database* at any time to type A valid value of his option


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What will replace the Nil style ?


Hello Rymyers,

It looks like you want to take your database back to the previous style. Almost all functions and macros in MySQL database of type A needs a variable because it acts as a constant for the database. Restoring a database back to its previous style is related to restoring different types of database files. You might need to restore the following files

1. Restore control file from backup

2. Restoring server parameter file from backup

3. Restoring data files and table spaces.

4. Restoring archived redo logs from backup.

You can visit the following link for more information



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