Questions about SQL and PL/SQL

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I am working on an Oracle database and I need information about SQL and PL/SQL. I heard many Oracle apps are based on PL/SQL. What are the difference between the two and do I need to use PL/SQL or Java to encode triggers and procedures?

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Questions about SQL and PL/SQL


Greetings kate,

Yes you heard it right.  Many Oracle apps are based on PL/SQL as it is the one language which is mainly used for working along with Oracle databases. There are some differences in SQL and PL/SQL as follows:

  • SQL is query language which is used for defining and manipulating data but PL SQL is a language which is used to create applications.
  • SQL can only execute one statement at a given time but using PL SQL block of code can be executed.
  • PL SQL is more like procedural language while SQL is declarative.
  • With SQL, you can write queries , Data manipulation and data definition language(DML and DDL) while with PL SQL  you can write program,  function procedures and packages.

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