PHP my SQL server connection error

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Hi TechyV buddies!

I am having some problem with my DW. I am a bit new using DW so I am on the point of knowing things yet. I was doing a work on DW. I was trying to make a dynamic data tables for our login page when suddenly an error pops out when DW tries to connect to the server. A mapping error appeared but the root file is correct. I have tried to configure it by connecting DW to MYSQL admin but nothing happened. I have also checked DW if it is really connected to the server but it is indeed connected but it cannot connect to the root folder. I should have attached a screen shot here for you to see the problem but I don’t know that either. I don’t know what could have caused this problem. Can anyone help me solve this issue? I really need a help here guys. I would be delighted if any help is presented. Thank you!

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PHP my SQL server connection error


Hello April,

That seems to be a problem with the localhost application or the database settings that you are using. If you are using either WAMP or Xampp to run the application, you will need to make sure that the following services have been started.


Also ensure that there is no conflict of communication ports between the applications that you may be using with any other application on your computer, for that too may be a possible cause of the issue that you are getting right now. Once you have verified that, trying mapping again and see if the process will be successful.




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