What are the good editor de shell script para Mac?

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Dear Experts

I am using MAC OS X 10.8 on my laptop. I am looking for a full version of the shell script editor in Mac which also supports editing of large script files, find and replace option in files and much more.

Please suggest me which is easy-to-use freeware for editing shell scripts.

I want the best editor de shell script para mac.


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What are the good editor de shell script para Mac?



Hi Markusa

My suggestion for you is to use EditRocket code editor. This includes many tools to make Shell Script programming easier. With this software, you can edit large script files. Here are the features of EditRocket:

  • Shell Script Code Builder

The Shell Script Code Builder includes information on the built-in commands / functions contained in the Shell Script library, for example, eval, export, print, etc.

The Code Builder works by allowing users to select a command, and then it displays information for the command. The user can copy the command name of the editor, and the command / function signature will display as a tooltip.

  • Shell Script Sidekick

The Shell Script Sidekick provides tabs for Shell Script coding inserts, tools, and the Shell Script Function Navigator. The coding insert tab gives users the ability to quickly enter many common Shell Script constructs into the text editor with the click of a button, or via customizable keyboard shortcuts.

  • Shell Script Function Navigator

The Shell Script Function Navigator tool parses the editor contents for Shell Script functions and displays them in a clickable list.

Here is the direct download link of EditRocket for your Mac OS X 10.8: EditRocket 4.1.6 for Mac OS X 10.8

I hope this helps.


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