WiiFlash Server on MacOS – Snow Leopard

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Hello friends

I am using Mac OS- snow leopard on my machine, and I have recently installed the Wiiflash server.

It was installed successfully but when I launch it, it gives me an error.

The screenshot of the error is attached below:

Uncaught exception in main method

The error says:

Cannot launch Java application

Uncaught exception in main method:

java.lang.llegalStateException: Bluetooth failed to initialize. There is probably a problem with your local Bluetooth API.

Is this server not supported by Mac OS or there might be another reason for that? Please let me know if anyone has a solution to my problem.

Waiting for your replies.


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WiiFlash Server on MacOS – Snow Leopard


Good day Jabez,

I think this would help you solve the problem or atleast help you with your problem:

1. Right click on the .app file

2. Go to "get info"

3. There should be an option to run in 32 bit more. 

4  Then check it. 

Hope it helps. thank you and god bless

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WiiFlash Server on MacOS – Snow Leopard


Good Day,

Aside from what I previously stated, You can do one or more of the following below:

a. Running the Program on the 32-bit mode, (if your 64-bit and vice versa.)

b. Open your Java preferences and switch priorities.

c. Uninstall and reinstall program, make sure the first run of the program is already at 32-bit.

d. If you have a little programming background, You can download the Eclipse Classic (32-bit ed.)/ or other Java Development Tool or IDE,  import the WiiFlash source code as a project, compile and run, import as a JAR file, and replace the one you made with the one on your .app folder.

e. Or if your a little risky, you can visit (http://aross.io/play/wiiflash-server/), which has there own version of the WiiFlash Server with there own touch up for the error.

Hope this Helps!

GoodLuck on your gaming.;)

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