There were errors with the installation Install iLife

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I have been trying to perform an installation of iLife 11 on my MAC 10.6 machine. The installation starts without any issues and at the time when it is going to complete, it pops up and error message.


Install iLife ‘11

There were errors with the installation. You may want to try installing Again.

The installation failed.

The Installer encountered an error that caused the Installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer

For assistance.

I click on Close and the installation is not successful. I thought it could be some corrupted file in the DVD, so checked with the technical support and download the package but that also comes up with the same error message.

Can someone help me with this error message?

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There were errors with the installation Install iLife


On problems like this, you have a few things to clarify.

First if your DVD of ilife is original. Sometimes your computer doesn’t meet the required minimum specification.  Your computer must have at least 1GB RAM, approximately 5 GB of available disk space, 1280 x 768 pixel resolution.

Try installing 10.6.3.  You also need to update your ilife applications to its newest version. Try restoring it to its original setting. Re install the ilife application. You have to go to the menu, click GO and then go to the application. Drag the application that you wish to remove to the trash. Insert the disK on the ilife ; then choose the one which you put in the trash.

When it`s done, from the menu of your Apple, click software update, to update it to the latest version.


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