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Author: Lewis Lee
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VLC media player version 8.0 has done me some real damage. All my music files are corrupted and if you click any icon on the desktop it turns to a VLC media player window. I cannot open my computer, control panel or any other icon on the desktop. This means than I can’t uninstall the VLC application. When I succeed to access my music files and try to run any of them, they all crushed.

I tried to install version 8.4 and more problems occurred. Windows media player gave this type of error "Windows media player cannot access this file. The file might be in use, you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored” .

The new VLC media player shows this type of error "File reading failed: VLC could not open the file "K:\Music\Music Organized\ H\ Hammock\ Hammock - The Sleepover Series Volume 1 - 2006\ 05-hammock-still_point-its.mp3". Your input can't be opened: VLC is unable to open the MRL 'file:///K:/ Music/ Music%20Organized/H/Hammock/Hammock%20-%20The%20Sleepover %20Series% 20Volume%201%20-%202006/05-hammock-still_point-its.mp3 Check the log for details."

I formatted my drive C two days ago, I believe it's still fresh. All the music files I stored on a different drive (Drive D) but now they are all corrupted. I am using Windows 7 ultimate, 32 bit.

Can anyone help me?

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Hello! Lewis Lee,

I am feeling a little surprised to hear about VLC media player 8.0. Video LAN Player provides VLC 1.1.10 the latest freeware. This software is totally free and supports almost all kinds of video and audio files. Rather you will not face any problem by using it.

This video LAN player is much better than any other media player. This also supports FLV formats so you can play YouTube media easily with it.

The download for VLC player is this.


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Hi! Lewis,

I am also using VLC media player but I am not attacked by any of the error which is ever caused by VLC player.

I think this is the safest player I have ever seen. It supports each and every file format as well as compatible with other software present in the system.

I think the error may be occurring due to missing of some files.

Please remove it from control panel and reinstall it again.

You can download the latest version from this link.