Signs of the latest virus threat

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Hello experts, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this?

I was curious if anyone could tell me what the most recent virus threats are and the signs that you might have one are?

Also if one is found on my computer what is the best virus removal software to get?


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Signs of the latest virus threat


Hi Katie_A24,

With the number of threats rising everyday we can never really tell what's the latest.  These threats have lots of  names. Those are: TROJANS, WORMS, DIALERS, VIRUSES that could really harm your computer.  

How do you know if  your computer is infected?  The truth is you may never really know unless there's an anti virus software installed on it.  But in so many situations, viruses can slow the speed performance of your computer.  If you noticed it there might be a possible infection.

Installing anti virus software in every computer is a must.  For it only not detect the virus but software helps you to eliminate and remove those viruses.

All anti virus has it's own way of removing viruses.  What matters is the software you will be installing on your computer must be compatible so it will work properly.  It is also important to get updated with the latest anti virus software by checking it on the website or you just simply keep your anti virus operates schedule updates.

Hope this might help you.


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Signs of the latest virus threat



There is really NO definite reply to your query. As you are very well aware, that the propagation of viruses is not restricted to some geographical location, and a virus which is new to one location may be already done havoc in other location and most probably already been addressed.

There are so many experts and companies doing research on the antivirus programs, that it is not possible to list all of them here.

We can only name few of them which in my personal OPINION ( which may not be at all perfect) are top of the list, and regularly publishing about the new threats are given below for your reference:

All these listings have been obtained on the reviews based on users experiences and sales of the particular AV program. Refer: Click

However, it has come to my knowledge that ESET Smart Security 5, has won the 2012 Award.

Also all the above are paid version of the software for which the proper support is also present.



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