How to remove a malware?

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Hello guys.

My cousin has some issues every time he boots his computer.

He remembered that he got a pop-up message that appears every time he boots up.

The message says, “Auto-protect is processing security risk WS.Malware.2".

It stays there for a minute and then goes away.

He looked up on the history, and it doesn't show that it did anything with a virus called WS.Malware.2.

Please see the picture below for a clear view on the message.

On his Windows 7 computer, he followed some security instructions from this site:

He also performed the full scan and installed and run the Norton Power Eraser (NPE) both in root and non-root kit mode.

However, neither one of those methods are able to get rid of this WS.Malware.2 alert that pops up from Auto-Protect just after he starts his PC to the desktop.

Bottom line is he needs a solution on how to permanently get rid of WS.Malware.2.

What could be causing this problem?

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How to remove a malware?


Dear Marlin zee,

According to Symantec, WS.Maleware.2 is unclassified malicious threat and therefore blocked from accessing the computer. 

Your cousin already tried running a full system scan and using Norton Power Eraser (NPE), what about System Restore?

System Restore can prevent hours of troubleshooting headaches after a crash.

Here you are how to restore windows 7:

1. Save any open files and close your programs because system restore will require a restart of your pc.

2. Click start button. In the search box type System Restore and select it from the results.

3. Follow the wizard steps to choose a restore point and restore your computer.

Best of luck,

Heba Farouk

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How to remove a malware?


Hello Marlin,

To restore that issue, you will need to restore the settings in the registry.

A lot of risks make modifications to the registry, and that could impact the functionality or performance of your computer. You can be able to restore some of these modifications through various Windows components, but it is also necessary to edit the registry.

You will need to get rid of the registry subkeys as well as entries that have been created by the risk and return all modified registry entries to their previous values.

Check more Technical Details.

Hope this helps.



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How to remove a malware?


There are many good security software that provides more security. Side by side these solutions my recommendation visit this Techyv post too to get more information according to your question.

How to remove Malware from my PC? Please help

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