Is it possible for using two Operating Systems?

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Hey guys,

I'm using Windows XP SP3 for about 2 years, then some of my friends used Windows 7. Now, I'm just curious if it's possible to have two operating systems to my computer at the same time. Do you think installing Windows 7 won't affect my old Operating system (Windows XP)? And also can anyone tell me how to install another operating system without losing my old files? Is there an advantage having two operating system? I'm Hoping to hear from your suggestion guys, so if ever possible I can start trying to install the Windows 7 immediately. Thanks much!!

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Is it possible for using two Operating Systems?


It is possible to use 2 operating systems on your computer at the same time. There are some advantages to have a system that dual boots. It may be a software or hardware compatibility issue that leads many users to this option. I don't really think that would apply in this case using Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7. Reformatting is unavoidable, it's like changing the brakes on your car. The biggest advantage to a dual booting system is that if one operating system fails, you have a partition with a fully operational OS until you have time to resolve the issue.

This saves a great deal of frustration when you experience the blue screen of death and have to get the PC up and running by tomorrow morning. If you are using a program like VMware to create the second OS you don't have this advantage. There is no partition, it is just a virtual machine and if the primary OS fails the PC is out of commission until you reformat your hard drive and install the OS. The only other disadvantage is the space that it takes on you hard drive. Installing a second or third OS takes up valuable room on the hard drive but that becomes irrelevant when you think about the money you spent and the personal security you are looking for.

The only thing you need to know is of you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit processor. If it is 32-bit make sure your copy of Windows 7 is 32-bit also. You do not have to reformat your hard drive to install a second OS, this is just going to create a partition with nothing on it. The installation should not have any impact on your existing files either. As with any OS upgrade or installation I always recommend performing a backup of your files before beginning.

The steps to installing Windows 7 are pretty simple.

1. Boot into XP.

2. Insert your Windows 7 disk and wait for it to spin.

3. When you receive the prompt to Upgrade (recommended) select "Advanced" instead.

4. Direct Windows 7 to install on the 2nd partition. The rest will look like a regular Windows install. Your dual boot menu will be automatically configured for you. If you are working with large applications and do not store files on an external hard drive, I recommend installing a larger hard drive and reformat the old hard drive to use for storage and backup.

If you aren't completely sure you are going to benefit from installing the second OS, I would suggest installing a free trial from VMware. They have several versions of the software available. This will allow you to create a second virtual machine with the new OS. The toolbar makes it very simple to launch the new OS using point and click technology. This also eliminates some of the space required on the hard drive to run 2 operating systems, no partition on the hard drive is created.

You can preview this software at Once you have completed the trial period should you decide to purchase the software there is no additional charge for technical support. I have used several versions of their software including the latest VMware Workstation. The support staff that I have worked with are fantastic and do not leave you wondering if the issue really is resolved or not.

Either option you decide on is going to offer you a simple and complete solution. You may also want to run scan disk and defrag your hard drive before you begin. This repairs any issues in Windows Boot Manager and compresses the space used on the hard drive.

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Is it possible for using two Operating Systems?


Yes definitely, you can use two operating systems. But it must be suitable for your system requirements. There are many advantages when you use two OS, because there are some softwares which are only works for certain Operating Systems. In a virus attack you can recover your computer easily. And also you can install a new operating system without erasing old data. Use different partition for them.

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Is it possible for using two Operating Systems?


Dear Dpadon,

Thanks for sharing your problem with us.

Dear it is possible to run two operating system on one computer.

As you told that you have been using windows XP SP3 for about 2 years and now you also want to use windows 7. So you can do so easily.

Just install windows 7 on your computer. You have to take care of one thing that you have to choose different partition for windows 7 and the partition size must be more than 20 GB otherwise setup will be skipped.

Windows 7 will format it only on NTFS.

I hope it will provide you best help.


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