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I suspect that there is a virus on my USB flash drive.  How can I clean it without transferring the virus to my pc?  Or, is it better to get a new one? 

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Hy Blake Burke,

Virus is a great enemy for USB Flash Drive. Let you read my bellows instruction about this issue which you mentioned above :

  • You should clean you USB Flash Drive by any well known Anti- Virus. Just connect your USB Flash Drive in your PC and then Open you installed anti virus program and then scan it.
  • You should format your USB Flash Drive for delete all kinds of virus and bad threats. Just connect your USB Flash Drive in your pc and then open “My Computer”  then click on right button of your mouse by select your USB Flash Drive name and then select on “ format”.


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You don’t need to buy new. Viruses can easily remove by cleaning it in your own computer.

First, check your computer if it has Anti virus already installed and update. If none, you can buy antivirus to any computer store of download it from the internet. There are some free Antivirus in the internet.

Here is an example link where you can get one:

When you already installed an antivirus on your computer, it’s safe to insert your USB to your computer. Open “My Computer” and locate your USB drive. Right click to it and choose Scan. It will automatically clean the viruses of your USB.

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It is possible to scan your flash drive without affecting your computer. However, you will lose all your data on the flash drive when removing the virus. Follow the steps below:

1. Run a complete scan on your flash drive. You can use McAfee AntiVirus Plus for scanning it. If you find there are viruses on your flash drive, delete it.

2. Back up all the files that you wish to save from your flash drive. Do not save the whole contents because there might be some hidden files that can possibly be a virus. Do not save any exe files or Zip files.

3. Format your flash drive. Go to Start and then Run and type CMD. Type Format F: (or whatever drive letter is your flash drive) and press enter. This will remove all the data saved on your flash drive. 

4. Copy the files back again after formatting the flash drive. Everything stored from it are all gone which includes the virus.