Unable to MapViewOfFile in MapChunk. Error Code 8

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There is a problem that happens on Act 3. I like to play it but recently when I enter the battlefront the error message shown below always appears. What’s the problem?

Error message:

Unable to MapViewOfFile in MapChunk. Error Code: 8 Offset: 3002204160 Size: 22392402

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Unable to MapViewOfFile in MapChunk. Error Code 8


The game you are playing is not designed for average computers with lower RAM capacity and video card. Though Path of Exile is another brand of online RPG game, it requires 4 GB of RAM, a video card that supports Pixel Shader 3.0, and is designed only for Microsoft Windows.

It doesn’t support Mac OS X yet but they said they have plans of making it available in the future. Computers with video cards supporting only Pixel Shader 2.0 will have problems in the graphics. The MapChunk error you are getting while playing the game is also being complained by so many players of Path of Exile.

Unfortunately, there is no real cure for this. The error is caused when a computer doesn’t have enough RAM. The error happens when the game file runs out of RAM and is very common on computers running the 32-bit version of Microsoft Windows or on computers with low RAM. You can slightly go around the problem by changing the Texture Quality to Medium.

Users with computers having less than 4 GB of RAM will cause problems after changing areas several times. They are still planning the improvement on the memory recovery system in the future. There is also a way of slightly decreasing the rate of crashes by adding “-gc 2” to the end of the game shortcut. See image.

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