What softwares to use in my new laptop?

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If you have a new laptop what are the softwares are you going to install on it and why it is essential to have those software on your laptop?

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What softwares to use in my new laptop?



It depends. If you spend time on your computer working and what kind of work you have or simply has the laptop for personal (amusement?) purposes, the software that you have to have depends on what the laptop is for. The most important thing to keep in mind is to have those programs that you use often and those that help you the most in your daily tasks. Here are a few suggestions:

1.       A web browser other than Internet Explorer. You must have an alternate browser other than IE, like Mozilla or Chrome. Both are known to fast, but if you want to have more add-ons, Try Mozilla Firefox.

2.       Antivirus software (BitDefender, Kaspersky, AVG). It is better to be safe than sorry, your laptop needs to have an antivirus installed to protect yourself from viruses,spyware,malware and browser hijacking(There are a lot of good antivirus software, you can try Bit Defender or Kaspersky).

3.       System Maintenance Utility (Tune-up Utilities, Glary). You need to have a system maintenance tool to repair, clean and optimize your PC.

4.       Spyware Removal Tool (Malware Bytes). A spyware tool protects your computer from spyware and hijacking – though antivirus software offers those anti-spyware features, some can’t detect all.

5.       An archive utility (Izarc). A tool to decompress folders in .zip and .jar formats.

6.       Back-Up (Mozy). It’s always important to keep back-up of your important files and folders, just in case something happens. There are online backup and recovery tools available that allows you to conveniently back-up your files online.

7.       VLC Media Player. It is a highly portable multimedia player that supports most audio and video formats.


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What softwares to use in my new laptop?



Software is a collection of programs and it is very important because it provides the  instructions to the laptop time to time that what need to do and how to do.
You should give the first priority to the Motherboard drivers because it is use to play  audios and videos. It also maintains LAN. Without Motherboard drivers you are unable to  access the internet as well.
Thus drivers are the most important softwares use in any operating systems and you cannot  use your hardwares without drivers.
You must have Microsoft Office software installed in your laptop. It consists of MS word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. Using this software you can done your official work quickly, accurately and easily.
Antivirus protects your laptop from viruses, it removes viruses and ensures security.
Antivirus software is very essential for your laptop as this software protects your laptop from the latest online threats, viruses and intruders.
You can choose one of the antivirus such as
Avast antivirus
Mcafee antivirus
Kaspersky antivirus and so on.
Below are some useful software that you must have installed in your laptop for easy and fast access to the player.
1.Winamp media player helps to play mp3 music.
2.Cyberlink PowerDVD helps to play DVD videos
3.WinZip helps to open .zip files.
Latest softwares are available on the Internet. You may search those and can download the latest version as well.  
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