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I want to watch TV shows online. My friend gave me some sites such as Megavideo and Videobb.

But both require having a premium account to get full access without waiting time. And also, without having to stop watching when the time is over.

So I tried finding similar websites and lead me to Gorillavid and Vidx Den.

Both hosting website works just fine.

The only problem is, to be able to watch without hassles, I also need to wait for the video to finish loading before I can play it or else it will stop simultaneously and will not buffer. It is kind of irritating because when I forced the player to continue playing without waiting for it to finish loading, the video just keeps on hanging and sometimes stops and never return.

How can I watch videos without having to wait for it to be fully loaded before playing?

And also, when I found an alternative to the above mentioned hosting websites, it says plug-in is missing.

How can I fix this?

What can you suggest?

Help please.

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Dear Friend!

Searching the Internet is basically not related to your question in accordance with my understanding. There are many things which can be effect in this concern. There are some following possibilities…

  • Server side issues
  • Client side issues
  • Difference of Operating system
  • ISP band width as well as your connection’s band width
  • Internet traffic
  • Or besides all your hardware issues.
  • Sometimes full Cache may create these such type of issues

So, I recommend that you search your problem with key word ‘streaming keeps buffering’ or ‘streaming problems and remedies’.

Hope you will find the correct remedy.

Good Luck

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Thank you Allushe,

Specially TV shows may be hassles for different causes. It may be for your slow internet connection,it may be for your internet browser,it may be for low RAM of your computer and it may from the server side too. So first off all try to use speedy internet connection.Then try to use latest and improved web browser. I recommend you to use Mozilla firefox.From tools menu select privacy tab and the use custom setting for history to maximize cache memory.

Browser cache memory is very much important for playing online stream continuously. So try to set more cache memory and uninstall some other applications that are less important.Finally try install a latest and improved plugin.Install updated version of the adobe flash player.