How to remove partition in Windows 7?

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Recently, I re-formatted my Windows 7 PC due to some issues. Accidentally I created two partitions that divide my PC into two drives.

I know that creating partitions is advisable in any case that the default drive encountered any major problems, but I don't really need to divide my computer system into two.

I am more into playing games that requires large size of memory so I want to remove the other partition without affecting or leaving any major issues with my computer.

How can I remove a partition in Windows 7?

Kindly please send some help.


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How to remove partition in Windows 7?

In the past, this required third-party tools, but as you're using Windows 7, you're in luck: everything that you need is already on your system.
I'll show you, step by step and in the video, how to remove that partition and how to recover the space that it occupied into the adjacent drive.
Disk Management.
The disk management tool that's always been a part of Windows was upgraded in Windows 7 to allow you to do exactly the kind of partition management task that you're talking about.
Right-click "Computer" – either the icon on your desktop, or the item in the Start menu – and click.
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How to remove partition in Windows 7?


Removing partition on Windows 7 may cause some lose. So before you proceed to removing partition and merge please backup your files or store in another safe location. Also again do not forget to login as an administrator. Now come to the procedure:

1. Click start button.

2. Then control panel.

3. Then system and security.

4. Then Administrative Tools 5.

Then computer management. You may be asked to supply an administrator password or verify.

Please complete this request.

6. Look at the left you will find storage and disk management, click on it.

7. Right click on the partition or volume you want to merge or delete.

8. Final step click yes if you want to delete your partition.

9. Restart your computer and check if it is done.

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How to remove partition in Windows 7?


To delete a partition, you must be logged on as the administrator. If you have a single partition, you cannot delete it. As well as the system partition, boot partition or the partition that has the virtual memory paging file. And remember that all the files in your partition will be lost if you delete it. So ensure that you created a backup for it. Follow the steps below:

1. Launch Computer Management. To do this, click on Start> Control Panel> System and Security and then Administrative Tools. Open Computer Management. If you will be asked for a password or any confirmation, just enter the two.

2. Under the left pane, click Disk Management on the Storage.

3. Right-click Volume or the partition that you want to delete and then click Delete Volume.

4. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

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