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What preventive measures do I need to do to make sure that my computer isn't affected by the  Stoned Empire Monkey virus?

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It's hard to recognize the virus because it could not be activated in any ways. But if you notice that there is a 1 KB reduction on your DOS memory, then it is certain that the virus is present on your system. You can check the memory in CHKDSK and MEM applications. But even if the MEM report shows that your computer has 639KB of basic memory over the usual 640KB, it doesn't really mean that your computer has a virus. In most computers, the BIOS assigned 1KB of basic memory for its own usage.

The Monkey virus is suited on various diskette types. It brings the table that contains data for the usual diskette types. By utilizing this table, the virus can deploy the diskette's default boot record and a part of the code to a safer location on the diskette. Monkey virus cannot identify the 2.88 MB ED diskettes. But it overwrites the FAT. Some changes can be seen by utilizing the fdisk and showing the partition information. If you notice any strange characters, then it is most likely that it is affected with virus.

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There are so many ways that you can do in order to avoid or prevent your computer from being infected with this kind of virus which is the Empire Monkey, Stoned Monkey,or Empire Stoned Monkey.

But before we do that we need to know first what this Empire Stoned Monkey virus do, basically its a type of virus that attack your boot sector it is a  stealth virus,meaning it cant be detect easily.This virus can be carried only on diskettes.If you boot from floppy disk that came from an infected computer,the system will not find your hard drive because it attack the Master Boot Record of hard drives and the boot record of your floppy.

Empire Stoned Monkey virus moves the Master Boot Record from the first sector to the third and erasing the files and changing the code with its own.When you boot from floppy and you get the this message "invalid drive specification" it means your computer is infected with the Empire Stoned Monkey.

You can prevent it by being cautions on using floppy, you should not leave your floppies on other computer drives, if in case your floppy is infected with the Empire Stoned Virus never use it again because it will speard the virus on your hard drive, and change your CMOS settings by booting first on your local disk and not on your floppy.