Windows 7 Recovery virus error

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Hi there, Since MS Windows 7 was installed on the laptop, MS Windows 7 Recovery from Virus was downloaded this weekend.  However, after the installation all photos, programs and documents were hidden. 

I tried to Google the solution and an expert suggested the use of Grindsoft Trojan Killer in a forum.  The Killer was downloaded and most importantly it worked fine.  All hidden photos, programs and documents were shown again.

Then I tried to run Windows Restore. The date before the virus attack was set and hoped that the laptop could be restored to normal just like MS Windows 7 Recovery was never installed.  It seemed that everything was working properly.

However, Microsoft website could not be accessed so that any MS Windows Update were not downloaded.  The error code was ‘80070005’.

Does anybody have any suggestion for this error?  Thanks in advance.

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Windows 7 Recovery virus error


I do not think that this is caused by the Windows 7 recovery virus you have mentioned. Normally error code 80070005 is generated due to several issues with incorrect system configurations.

One main cause is the wrong DCOM settings. Navigate to Start > Run >type Dcomcnfg and click ok. In the Expand Component Services select expand computers and go to My Computer >Properties. Select COM tab and Under Access permissions verify that all the User accounts are included. You can add missing account by clicking Add >Advanced > Find Now in the Local Computer Name.

Confirm account addition and exit. Navigate to DCOM properties and verify that connect is selected in Default Authentication and Identify is selected in the Default Impersonation.

After that download and install Subinacl utility to configure Automatic Updates from this URL Open command prompt and go to the installation folder of Subinacl utility in the C:Program FilesWindows Resource KitsTools. Then type the following command Subinacl /serviceuauserv /sddl=D and restart you PC.

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Windows 7 Recovery virus error



I also had the same problem. I have one method to fix this. Hope this will help you.

First you disable the auto update service from Windows update. Then go to the drive where you installed your Windows and go to the folder of Windows and unhide the folders by making them visible and look for the folder Software Distribution and change its name temporarily. Now create the new folder of the same named of Software Distribution. Now restart your auto updates of windows and restart your system. You will see your problem has solved.

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