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There are some issues that all Sony Camera component give us an additional advantages and purposes. It's camera key components was designed in house to provide more better cameras photos and video shots? Hows this components work together to produce nice video and images? for example the lens of the sensor and its processor.

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Yes, Sony camera key components designed to provides latest and good quality cameras for making photo’s and videos in the house. The working of lenses, processor and the sensor is that the light passes through to the lenses then that light is directly going in to the sensor. There are two type of sensor one with CCD sensor and other is with CMOS sensor. These are complementary oxide semiconductors there are pixel on that sensor. Each pixel has a color code on it of red, blue and green. That photonic data which is coming by light goes on the sensor by that the data is converted into a digital form and that digital data goes to a processor where it converted in to a digital picture as you are seeing the real picture.