SAMSUNG E2652 error in deleting Music Folder

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I have Samsung E2652 which is having 8 GB Micro SD card. The problem is there is Music Folder in the card and I am not able to delete the folder as it gives error message which displays that ‘it is not empty’.

Please suggest me the easiest way to delete it. If any free software is available for this, please tell me. Otherwise I have to format the card every time. 
Thanks in advance.
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SAMSUNG E2652 error in deleting Music Folder


I am assuming that you are using window XP. This error normally comes when your current folder is being used by any kind of program or software on the mobile.

You can do the following things.

Try renaming that folder if it allows you and then delete it.

Connect your phone to the computer or connect the memory card to your PC using memory card reader. Right click on the folder and go to properties, if the Read Only box is checked,uncheck it and then try to delete it.

Download a program from here. Actually what it does is that it disables all the instances that are connected to that specific folder, means any connect between the program that is using that folder is terminated and then the folder is in the use of no one. Y

ou can then simply delete it and enjoy.

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