Booting Computer Using Mobile as Pendrive

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Hello users,

I have a Nokia n73 with me which I used as a flash drive to unlock passwords of my collage computers. It worked fine before some days. I added song to my mobile device before two days and it stopped working as a flash drive. Computers are detecting it as a flash drive but no booting up is possible. I tried configuring Bios Settings to boot from my Mobile Device. Reinstalled the Linux Bootup tool to manipulate Windows XP passwords but still it has the same problem. Can I boot some other good unlocking softwares from my mobile device as my collage computers don't have CD/DVD ROM installed.


Mobile : N73 Nokia
Booting using storage medium.

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Booting Computer Using Mobile as Pendrive


First of all, try changing your USB Data Cable mode to mass storage from your phones connectivity settings menu if it is set to anything else. If it doesn’t help try freeing up the memory card by deleting everything in it. Then install the linux bootup tool again to see if it solves the problem.

You can also reformat the memory card and try making it bootable again. You can either try formatting it with your N72’s format option or with an external card reader device. Then try reinstalling linux bootup tool using the card reader.

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