On site, hosted and cloud, which way forward?

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What are the major differences between on site, hosted and cloud? If there are no major differences, where do I use on-site, hosted and cloud? If there are differences, which, among the three is the better? What are the apps that are best to use with the three (on site, hosted and cloud)?

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On site, hosted and cloud, which way forward?



There are many differencing factors of On-site and cloud. Some of them are listed below.

1.   Cloud is used for storing your application, media, or any other documents. Whereas , On-site also used for storing your application, media or documents.

2.   Cloud is the utility which is completely customizable and can be changed at anytime. On site utility can’t be changed at any time.

3.   Cloud can be taken on rent from 3rd Party. On site has to be purchased. Cloud is in expensive whereas , on site is abit expensive.

4.   Cloud can be managed by the vendor from where you have purchased it. On site has to be maintained by you.

5.   In cloud, you can choose Pay as per consumed resources. In On site, you will have to purchase complete resources.

6.   The stored application on cloud can be accessed from any location provide you have internet connection. Whereas, onsite applications can be accessed by users with permission.

7.   On cloud you can purchase as many as resources you need at that time. If you need more resources after some more days you can take that on rent at any time. Within no time you will get those resources with some minimum amount of rent. On site has to be purchased with requires resources but it can’t be configured as per the requirement at any time.

8.   Depending on the business need , you can choose on site or cloud.

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