Viable code vfp date picker for desktop

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I am looking for a very good interactive calendar to put on my desktop and I have heard that Visual Fox Pro has a good one. Can anybody show me a link of how it looks like? I am completely clueless on how it looks but I have heard nice things about it. And if it isn’t any trouble could anyone post the code vfp date picker too? I’m really sorry. I couldn’t find it over the internet.

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Viable code vfp date picker for desktop



The Visual FoxPro has a very decent interactive calendar. You can even customize it as you please. I have the code for the Visual FoxPro date picker. The code is:

*!* old formula

*!* m.lnLastDay = GOMONTH(.Value, 1) – .Value


*!* new formula

m.lnLastDay = DAY(GOMONTH(.Value-DAY(.Value)+1, 1) – 1)

If you want the updated code, this is the link:

This is how the calendar looks like:

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