Virtual machines executes programs like a physical machine.

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A virtual machine (VM) is a software implementation of a machine (i.e. a computer) that executes programs like a physical machine. Virtual machines may be based on specifications of a hypothetical computer or emulate the computer architecture and functions of a real world computer. How I use it in my computer?

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Virtual machines executes programs like a physical machine.


Good day Minty

You need to download a virtual machine application. I use Virtual box you can download it at

When it is installed you can add another  OS on this app, how cool is that.

Click on machine and click new to install the OS you want to use.

 Click next.

You can give you machine any name, choose the OS and version you wan to install.

Choose the memory you want you OS want to use from you host to run smoothly.

As you can see i don`t take too much memory from the host because it`s XP, so it will depends on what OS you put on to determine you memory usage.

Next create your virtual drive. Then best you can do for now is create a new hard disk, because you new. When you get experience you can attach a real hard drive to Virtual box.

A wizard will pop up to create your new hard disk.

You can choose dynamically expanding storage if you will use the guest OS to load games or media file, so it will grow the more you add. Otherwise use the fixed-size storage option.

Now choose the size of the hard disk, I usually start off with 15GB when i choose dynamically expanding storage option.

Click next. It will give you a summary of your Hard disk, then finish. Then it will give you a summary of your machine click Finish.

Now we will Install the OS. You can use the host CD/DVD drive, or an image file to load the OS.


You can double click on the machine to start. the it will give details about your keyboard usage and mouse. Click on your machine`s window when you want to navigate in the OS, and release the mouse by clicking right ctrl. You can change the setting later if you want.

Another wizard will pop up to help you install the OS. Click next to choose the cd/dvd drive you inserted or choose an image file you have on a cd or stored on your hard drive.

Make your selection by using the cd/dvd drive or  click on the folder with a green tick to choose the image that is on your PC.

This screen will pop up if you choose when you click on the folder next to the cd/dvd drive.

Now the that the installation files is loaded ready for installing the OS.

Click next, then it will give you a summary of the size of the installation files and click finish.

Now that it is installed you don`t need to install extra drivers for your motherboard like on a real PC because it is already done on the host.

You can share files between the host and the guest OS. Use the host network for the internet too.

I hope this answer some of your questions






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