Sibelius is asking for register or unregister Sibelius

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Hi there,

I am the only user of my laptop and my program Sibelius is registered and when I want to open the program this message appears. If I click OK nothing happens and I still cannot use Sibelius. Can anyone help me please to fix this so I can start to use Sibelius ? What is this administrator rights ?

Thank you !


You cannot run for the first time, register or unregister Sibelius unless you are the computer administrator. Please log in as the computer administrator and try again. (After Sibelius is registered, any user account can use Sibelius.)


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Sibelius is asking for register or unregister Sibelius


An administrator has unrestricted access to all files and folders on the computer. However, in Windows 7, even though you are the only using your laptop and should have no limitations, they are still there, for the purpose of security. To fix this problem, you should run Sibelius as an administrator by doing the following:

1. Right click shortcut to Sibelius

2. Select the option "Run as administrator" and click it.

Sibelius will now run without problem.

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