Setting up a server for multiple types of users and databases

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I made a plan to set up a server or more than one and also some innkeeper devices of network such as intermediary devices for the sake of connecting each other, for a university campus.

It is only for the users so that they can easily approach any software stored in the server from either home or campus. These software's are database in categories like Weka, mySql and also may be Microsoft used for diagram construction.

I am spending in investigation on cloud topics because I assume that this is best. But I am facing some problem when I try to move from IaaS and SaaS and I am not allowed to do what I want to do and it provides me the software without controlling the cloud.

I was using the Ubuntu Enterprise cloud or Eucalyptus for configuring a cloud network. If I want to easily access these application after creating a virtualized image of a system via only OS, Weka, SQL and vision installed so the user and to gain the system image. Do I need to run it or need to move to other option?

I need a better solution for this problem because I assume that this database is a great hurdle and fall back to use.

So please help me immediately to get rid of it.


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Setting up a server for multiple types of users and databases


If you have a database server and you want to apply multiple roles for multiple users then it is easy to apply it just require some tools related to database.

If you are going to set up a network then you need to fully understand the network you are operating. On a LAN you can specify number of users and number or computers connected to servers. You can set roles for each and every user using a server.

Then you can further distribute them in to university departments such as accounts department need some info form DBA then he that can access that info form the server and also other departments can also use this technique.

You need to set role for each department and for each user in some cases.

I hope you will be easy with your problem. 

Michel joran.

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