Sending Of Message Failed, Connection To Smtp Server Timed Out

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Hi, My problem here is about sending my emails, my email cannot be sent because of an error message that I can't connect to the SMTP server.

Send Message Error

Sending of message failed.

The message could not be sent because the connection to SMTP server

 timed out. Try again or contact your network administrator.

As I analyzed on the error message that I pasted above, It is referring to my connection towards the SMTP server, that is why I check on my internet connection, it seems to be working because I can surf the internet, and my firewall has no restrictions regarding emails, as far as I know, I already did all the checking based on my capacity,

Please share some thoughts on what else shall I check,

Thanks guys.

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Good day Gregorywelts,

I strongly suggest that you check the SMTP server settings in your email client,if it matches the SMTP server provided by your email provider. Try to login to the webmail and check if your password allows you to login to the web based server. I noticed that this message is from a Thunderbird email client, I strongly suggest that the configuration of the out-going mail server not to be set to use secure socket layer(SSL) unless the email web server works with SSL.

Make that the email scanner of your anti-virus is not scanning port 25 or you could try to temporarily disable the email scanner of your anti-virus. Also I strongly suggest that changing the port 25 to 587. Inquiry with your email provider if they use port 25 for their exchange server.

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Before you try resending the email again make sure that you do have internet connections, email addresses that you have entered are correct, email account details are correct eg email and the password and that you have put the correct secure password authentication.

After checking all this you can send your emails without any problems.

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