Attachments scanner taking lot of time

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An attempt to download a 13 MB e-mail message (a message with 13 MB of attachments), caused the AVG e-mail scanner to stop processing and block the downloading of new messages. By DISABLING the scanning of incoming messages, I was able to download the message with the 13 MB of attachments AND the 161 other messages that were waiting to be downloaded. After downloading the 13 MB message with the scanning of incoming messages disabled, I ENABLED the scanning of incoming messages and new messages are retrieved without issue. Please help.


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Attachments scanner taking lot of time


Thunderbird stores any setting that changes or create using tools → tools → account settings in the file prefs.js in profile and options.

The recommended way to add or modify a configuration that does not have its own button radio, checkbox or box of entry of such dialogues is to use tools → options → Advanced → General → Config Editor, equivalent to the Firefox above: config. You can search any preference using the field filter, and then double-click a preference to change it. You can also add options by right clicking anywhere in the list, select New from the shortcut menu, select the type (String, Boolean or integer) and type the name of the setting and its value.
Some alternatives:

  • You can add or modify a configuration by editing prefs.js directly using a text editor. However, prefs.js does not contain all the settings, only contains any configuration that has changed. In fact, if you add an option with a default value of Thunderbird will quietly remove that line in the file the next time you run it. It is also not as tolerant as the configuration editor user errors and requires learning where the profile is stored.

Do not edit this file while Thunderbird is running since some of the settings can be overwritten when you exit, losing the changes.

  1. View on the extension adds support for envelope: windows like in Firefox. Your envelope: settings window is the same as the Configuration Editor mentioned above.
  2. The ChromEdit extension facilitates editing prefs.js or user.js without knowing its location. Officially no longer supported and you may have problems to find a version that works with future versions of Thunderbird.
  3. The extension of the Mr Tech Toolkit, which is actively maintained includes among others features in extensions ViewAbout and the ChromEdit mentioned above.
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Attachments scanner taking lot of time


Yes this thing happened to me as well. It took forever to scan an attachment, especially the ones that's more than 1MB in size. I downloaded the latest version of AVG and I still have the same problem. Finally I downloaded other antivirus and it seemed to fix the problem for me. Well it still took some times to scan the attachment but not as long as before. So if security is your concern, try to download another antivirus. I think there is a compatibility problem with AVG and Thunderbird.

Alternatively, you can just disable it. But don't forget to scan the file manually before you try to open it.

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