Router with POE or router connected to POE switch

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Hi guys,

I need some suggestions for a setup in my company. It will have five handsets connected to a hosted IP box by metal with inter nodes.

What I require is a reliable 4-8 port POE with router OR a router connected to POE switch. Reliability is a main factor it helps me to be better, and it keeps my blood pressure normal.

Any ideas are welcome.


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Router with POE or router connected to POE switch


Router with POE or router connected to POE switch?

  • POE means Power over Ethernet. If you are using or connecting a device that requires power from your Ethernet or switch you need the Router with POE and if you are connecting a devices which doesn’t required power from your Ethernet why using a router with Power Over Ethernet?
  • Now, when it comes to the Router which is connected from the Router with Power over Ethernet, which is more convenient than using a router which power comes from the wall outlet.
  • With regards to your devices, if your devices require Power over Ethernet, what is the use of using router connected to a Power over Ethernet enabled device? You can just remove the router connected from a router which has Power over Ethernet. It will just make your network too complicated because of redundant devices connected inside the network.
  • Either way you need only one 8-port router with Power over Ethernet or just one 8-port router without Power over Ethernet if your device to be connected does not required Power from the Ethernet or the power can be obtain on the wall outlet.
  • But I don’t think that IP telephone (handset) acquired power from the wall outlet. Maybe some devices did that kind of network but I think most of all handset or IP telephone gets power from the Ethernet.
  • You may refer to your handset manual for what is the best for your handset. What kind of router to be use and what is more convenient and compatible to the device?
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Router with POE or router connected to POE switch


The advantages of using POE – Power over Ethernet is when using IP telephone, Wireless LAN, Camera, remote Ethernet switch and embedded computers. This is using the standard RJ45 connector than using USB connectors which is much more difficult to get.

  • This is very useful in these types of devices, IP Security Camera, Network routers, a mini network switch, webcams, NetworkIntercom, Public address, VOIP Phones, Wireless access points, Wall clock using Network Time Protocol and other outdoor antennas mounted radios.
  • If all these devices uses power, then why not use this device router with Power Over Ethernet? Getting devices is the best option you can get rather than the other way around.
  • Now, this depends on how you will going to set-up. What equipment are going to use and how many are they. If they need power when connecting or if they have their own source of power.
  • Now, you decide.

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