All about Bit rate and Baud rate and what they measure

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What is Bit Rate? What is then the Baud rate? How are the two related? What are these two units used to measure? What then is the difference between them? What is baseband signal? What then Is Modulation? What is a broadband transmission?

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All about Bit rate and Baud rate and what they measure


Hello Beatricegvavra,

Bit Rate–Bit is the smallest unit of measurement to measure data volume in networking. Bit rate is the data volume that transmitted through a network per second. Bit rate always calculated per second.

Baud Rate—Through Network a signal changes its state multiple times. Signal is a frequency over network. A Baud rate refers to the number of times a signal changes its state per second. The state changes are called electrical oscillations per second through data transfer over network.

Bit rate is used for measuring data volume that is transmitting over network per second. Baud rate is used to measure the performance signal over network. The baud rate is proportional to Bit rate, means if the Baud rate is high then the Bit rate will also be high.

Difference between bit rate and baud rate–Bit rate and Baud rate is very interlinked, the difference between them is one is measuring how much bit (whether 0 or 1) is moving through network per second. Baud rate is measuring how much time the signal changes its state (from 0 to 1 or 1 to 0) per second over network. State changes in a signal gives boost to the data transmission speed.

Baseband signals—Baseband signals refers to a collection or bundle of frequencies that can have analog or a digital waveform. Baseband signals can be transmitted over digital networks(digital waveform) or can be processed through an electronic circuit(Analog waveform). A composite video file can be an example of Analog baseband signal which processes over electronic circuit while an Ethernet signal can be an example of Digital baseband signals.

Modulation—Modulation is the process of transferring Analog or Digital baseband signal from sender to receiver. The process consist of changing states of signal (from 0 to 1 or 1 to 0). Through modulation we can transfer data through signal processing over network.

Broadband transmission—It is a technology of signal transmission over different frequencies and it behaves as electromagnetic waves. This type of transmission carries multiple, simultaneous data signal through data cable, DSL, FIOS.



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