Blocking Unwanted Streaming Websites ?

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My office is using 2 MB ADSL internet connection and there are more than 20 users and less than 50 users at the office. I was wondering whether I can block some websites or not. Although the office already has an internet connection, with speed up to 2 MB, apparently it's not enough and the users always complain that it's very slow.

I happened to find out, that some users open sites such as YouTube and other video streaming and I think that's what makes it very slow, because all the bandwidth went to the streaming sites. I want to block certain websites, without using complicated software or maybe complicated procedures.

Some of the desktop are using Linux and some of them using Windows XP and the server using Windows 2003. I have heard that if you change some registry setting, then you could block the websites. Unfortunately, I'm not very good with registry settings, so I definitely need some help.

I've also heard from a friend of mine, that there are certain hardware devices that can be used, to manage the websites or the bandwidth, so I can optimize the Internet connection. I can even assign how many bandwidth for certain users if necessary using those devices.

Looking forward for suggestions and ideas.



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Blocking Unwanted Streaming Websites ?


Hello Stephanie,

There are a few ways by which your problem can be solved.

1) Routers: You did not mention if you are using routers in your office.

If you are using any router, then go to any internet browser,Type the IP address of your router in the address bar. Which will be like this 192.168.X.X. Once you do this, you automatically get directed to the router settings. Somewhere there you will find a ACCESS CONTROL /BLOCK WEBSITES option. Once you find this, all you got to do is enter the website which you want blocked in that section and then save the settings.

Different router companies have different setting interfaces so its hard for me to tell you the exact location in the settings menu of your router unless i know the router name model. This is a foolproof method . This is a way to block the Websites using hardware ( router ).

2) Software : There are various software available in the market . Some of them can be downloaded free from the internet as well.  Some such software are :

  • Website block software buddy.
  • Website blocker

You can buy and install such software and enter the website , which you want to be blocked when prompted by the software. This is very similar to the router method above. The only difference here is, you have to operate a third party software instead of hardware.

3) If you are  working Windows XP. Be logged in as an administrator.  Open a DOS command window, type:


Put the following line in hosts:;  File > Save.

Now try to open with any web browser on the PC

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Blocking Unwanted Streaming Websites ?


This is what i was looking for the past two weeks on blocking streaming websites. I have 1 bro and 2 sis at home and everyone is using this single PC. My Bro always watches videos so i am afraid that my sisters will see it by any chance… Now i have got the solution.

Now i'm very happy… Again many thanks to Saurabh and website for helping me from a huge crisis.


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