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Hi everybody,

I'm seeking a good anti-virus to protect my laptop, I had a pretty bad experience with KIS, that's because I'm truly attempted to try another antivirus, I heard somewhere that bitdefender was awarded best one last year, do you confirm ?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing from you !

My best regards.

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Dear Sahitoudz,

I think all of the anti virus are good. But according to my own experienced, i prefer to use double anti virus. So, I can protect my laptop more. Currently I use Avira Anti Virus and Smadav, because the combination will filter and prevent any malwares or viruses. Beside, they are not going to make my laptop in hard progress.

If you have a good internet access, I may suggest you to use Avast Anti Virus. Eventhough it will take high RAM consumption, but it will protect your laptop more than Avira or AVG if you always update it everyday.


Dennise Paul

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Hello there!

Try using Avast Antivirus. It is recommended as the best Avast Antivirus there is. It automatically updates when you're computer is connected to internet. It is available to both Linux and Windows based OS. It also has anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and self-protection capabilities. And the best thing about it is that it has Avast! Free Antivirus which is offered free for its users, as well as Avast! Pro Antivirus which is offered, with a cost, to users who wants more features. They also have Avast! Internet Security which offers users maximum protection, identity protection against intruders, along with its basic features (antivirus/anti-spyware).

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Hi there Sahitoudz I recommend you use Kaspersky, based on my own experience, it automatically detect the virus in your pc/laptop and it is also one of the top ten anti virus.

Kaspersky is known for their quick response to new viruses, and they’re often among the first to detect new viruses in the wild. One reason the software is so effective is because it is updated regularly and is proactively looking for new security threats.  :)