Product key not working for Windows OS

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Recently I have reformatted my computer and I have installed the Operating system, using the Operating system disk which I have got during the time of purchase of my computer. I have the OS Key printed on the sticker, which is fixed on my Computer  CPU.

When the installation prompts me to enter the serial key, I just enter the same which is in the Sticker.  But the code was not accepted.  It’s a computer purchased before three to four years, so I may not be able to call the tech support assistance since the warranty is over . Really looking for someone to help.

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Product key not working for Windows OS


The problem that you have face during the windows installation may be because of the following reasons.

  • You might have keyed in the code mistakenly.
  • Characters that are understood wrong and keyed in the way that you have understood.
  • The code used in any other computer within your home or the code shared with friends or relatives.
  • Or if you have used a pirated version .But not since you have specified it clearly that this came along with your computer.  If it’s that case, then it may not work.

Let me explain you all the steps mentioned above to make sure we key that in correctly and lets find the problem.  Try to make a clear note of the Key and then type it.  Once typed in reconfirm it whether that is the exact one that you have copied.  Some Charterers may look like Number some time like the letter ‘O’ number 0. And “I”

As number 1. If you are not sure on whether it is a number or an alphabet. Just try both the possibilities like key in it as number .if not accepted key in as alphabet. Where most of the times I have faced while installing the OS on my computer.

If the case is like the Key is shared with multiple person or used other the licensed one .Can’t do anything about it. If it’s not the actual case you may try calling the OS Manufacturer and report them the issue and if they find that’s proper and clean they would provide you a new product key.

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Product key not working for Windows OS


As installing a copy of Windows on the same machine is permitted, you are not allowed to re-install it except for special cases like your PC was attacked by viruses, broken hard drives, hardware upgrade. As we may try to understand that during the first activation of your copy of windows, it registered all the hardware IDs in your machine. And if there is changes/replacement of the original hardware or having to re-install the OS, information will change thus activation will fail.

However, you can still activate your copy of windows before you can call Microsoft Support for a new product key provided that the Operating System that we are talking about is not Windows XP (as it may not be possible to bypass the Product Key Window during the installation process).

For Windows 7:

1.       If prompted to type the product key during the installation, you can skip that part and proceed the installation until it is finish. This process is called “Keyless Installation”.

2.       Once installation is finished, access the activation window:

a.       Click Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Activate Windows

b.      Select Change Product Key>type in Product Key>Update (if it’s an invalid Product Key, go to step c).

c.       Look for the Phone Activation option

d.      Select your Location

e.      Check the next window if you have the toll free number to call and please take note of the Installation ID

f.        A Confirmation ID will be given once Installation ID is verified

g.       Click Next and your copy of windows should be activated.


Other way to pull up the activation window:

·         Click Start>type: slui.exe 4 in the “Search Programs and Files” box>Enter then look for an option to contact Microsoft Representative, show me other ways to activate or Phone Activation.

For support, you can always contact Microsoft Support (1-800-936-5700).

For Windows 7 product activation: 1-888-725-1047 or refer to the activation window.

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