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Hello, I have an issue here. When my PC is switched on, I get an error message saying that spyware has been found on my PC. It also says that I should install an antivirus or antispyware in order to fix this. What do you suggest I do??

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Hello Destiny,

First of all, what the computer is telling is absolutely true, and you should have installed the antivirus and antispyware program a long time ago before you even got that problem. In your daily usage of your computer, you somehow expose it to risk of infection by viruses and other spyware when you use to surf and download files on the internet, share information from other computers using flash or pen drives and so forth.

So I will suggest that you get a very strong antivirus and install it on your computer, update it and then use it to perform a full system scan of your computer so as to remove the spyware that has been detected and others that might be there. The antivirus programs I will recommend that you use are AVG and Kaspersky. Bitdefender is good too.


Lee Hung