Suggestions for using bluetooth audio device in PC.

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Hello friends, I want to buy a Bluetooth audio device but I am really concerned about its sound quality. I also want to know that can I use it to my PC and if it does  what is the procedure to use it in my PC. I am currently using windows 8.

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Suggestions for using bluetooth audio device in PC.


Hello Leona,

As what they say, the higher the price the better the quality. And when checking out some Bluetooth audio device in the market you need to consider some things such as;

1. Always check for the quality control approval.and it differs in every place or country.

2. Always ask the salesperson to test the device before paying it.

3. If your fetish a branded gadget then better check the brand and choose whatever you prefer.

4. Ask the salesperson the supported data of the Bluetooth and check for compatibility. 

Now to connect the Bluetooth in your windows 8 just do the steps below:

1. Open the desktop and expose the menu on the right most of the screen.

2. Click settings and you can see Change PC Settings, click it.

3. On the Change PC Settings click the Devices then choose the add a device.

4. Then engage your device to pairing mode like you're doing it in your phone.

5. After pairing the device,go to the menu again on the right ,most of your desktop and type manage audio devices.

6. You can see in the settings your Bluetooth device, right click on it and choose connect.

7. If your device doesn't work after connecting then set your device as a default in audio manager.

I hope this helps.

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Suggestions for using bluetooth audio device in PC.


Hello Leona E Miller,

If you want to use a audio Bluetooth device then you have to buy one. After that you have a software given with your device. It has a connector that will fix into the USB port of your computer. After that you have to install the software and you have to make some of the configuration. Once you do it you can connect your audio device with your Pc and can listen through it.

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