Having or using Web Services for SOA

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Why is using web services for SOA better than having computers? Please help me. Thanks

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Having or using Web Services for SOA


I'm not going to tell you to use must Web services for  SOA.. After this little discussion, may be you will make a solid decision about web services for SOA than having in computer.Theirs something complexity on your questions. Actually, do you want to know about focus of advantages of SOA? Well it must be going very clear..

At first you have to know something brief but effective about SOA (service oriented architecture). It is essentially a collection of services. It communicate with each other. It can evolve simple data processing or either more services. It can create connectivity with services which and where can need.

By using web services you can get more efficiency from SOA. You can get three of advantages from SOA.

I think it will better to using web services for SOA.

For more information you cam visit this link I mentioned

Hope so that you get relief.

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