Problem using ms access file structure

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Hello everyone, I am learning MS access. I am stuck with the  file structure in MS access, because I can't understand it. Can anyone please help me out from this? Thanks. 

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Problem using ms access file structure


Hi Patricia,

I will tell you about two of the basic things you will need to know when working on databases or MS Access in your case, these are Tables and Queries.


MS Access tables are lilke your MS Excel worksheet in that you put your data, can be text, numbers, etc., into rows and columns. In Access, rows are called Records and columns are called Fields. Records are where specific details are stored, for example you have a table for a store inventory, where each record will correspond to one item and each item has specific details associated with it like quantity, unit price or type, these details are stored in different fields.


Queries on the other hand are used to extract or to isolate certain records in your table. This is especially useful when you have a large table and you only want to see certain data. Using our earlier example, you can use a query to get all items in your inventory that has a quantity that are less than 100 or items that are of a certain type i.e. food, hardware, etc. This is like filtering in MS Excel where you can specify different criteria to get the information that you want.


Here's a couple of links you can use to learn more of the basics of databases and MS Access.


Hopes this steers you in the right direction.




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