Problem with opening a form using the Microsoft Access

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I wanted to open a form using the Microsoft Access but the response was not good: “Characters found after end of SQL Statement.” What could be the problem behind this? What will I do so that I can open the form? It’s somewhat a rare instance for me to experience something like this. Please give me some advice on what should be my proper action for this kind of problem. Thank you.

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Problem with opening a form using the Microsoft Access


Hallo Abbel,

You are experiencing this error possibly because you made some changes to the Microsoft access macro either by mistake or unknowingly when working with access.

You will therefore need to fix these issue by using the following simple procedure:

  • On your keyboard, press ALT+F11 key combination to open the visual basic interface.
  • Locate the module of the current access document that you are working on and click on it to open the code.
  • In the code, look for any text that might have been added at the end of the code and delete it.
  • Press control S to save the module and then exit the VBA editor.

This should help solve the problem.


Lee Hung


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