How to make executable database in Microsoft Access?

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I completed my project using Microsoft Access 2007. Now I want to create this database executable so, it can be opened without using the help of Microsoft Access. Is it possible to make this project executable?

If possible how can I do this work? Please describe to me in details.

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How to make executable database in Microsoft Access?


Making a database of Microsoft Access and executable has many ways. As Microsoft doesn't leave any direct option of that in the program.

But some solutions to that are:

1. You can purchase Microsoft Access Runtime that allows mdb files to run on machine without getting Microsoft Access installed.

2.Or you can convert the database mdb file to an mde that is Microsoft database executable. You can convert mdb to mde by using the database utilities. But that also requires Access to work.

3. You can use Visual Studio Office Tools known as developer edition for this purpose. This tool doesn't create executable but it creates a package that is needed to run your database files, so you can run your database without Access.

4. You can write an application with the Visual Basic interface, in which you can create forms, tables, reports etc to view. Visual Basic will create and exe and your database will be packed in it.

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How to make executable database in Microsoft Access?


Malakalison, your answer here is, it's possible to create an executable database. What you need to do is just run the macros in the access database. This is what you need to do, make sure the security is not reliant on Microsoft security file since it is unsecured.

1. Script your own security model; login form, administration form, user form and every other form and go back to your application to check whether it is authorized to run or edit.

2. On_open event use the command Do.cmd. close Form. Name or deny data manipulation by using these commands' Form.AllowEdits=False'/Form.AllowDeletions=False

3. Ensure you select startup forms. Database window should be set to hide and ensure you have an icon installed as project and form.

4. To insert an icon in your project folder, use string "youriconname.ico" e.g 'kevin.ico' instead of the full path since the paths vary within PC's.

5. Implement Ms Script disabling on Startup form override by using 'Shift' key

6. Use the code;

PublicFunction SetProperties (strPropName As String, Var PropType As Variant, Var PropValue As Variant) As integer

On Error GoTo Err_SetProperties

Dim Db as DAO.Database, prp as DAO Property

Set db=CurrentDb

db. Properties(StrPropName)=VarPropValue


Set db=Nothing


Exit Se

Exit Functions

Err- Set Properties

If Err=3270, then Property not found

Set prp=db CreateProperty (strPropName, varPropType,varPropValue)

db.Properties.Append prp

Resume Next


Set Property=False

Msgbox='Runtime Error'& Err.Number & VbCrLf & VbLf & Err.Description

Resume Exit_ SetProperties


End Function

7. Create a Visual Basic 5 or higher project running the following code in Open event of its Startup Form;

Dim strPathTo Program As String

strPathToProgram=App.Path & MSACCESS.EXE' & App.Path & "Myproject.dll /workgroup "& Chr(34) & App.path & "MyProject.ocx/" & Chr(34) Shell (" "& StrPathToProgram&" ")


8. Put your installation path in the registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftOffice12.0AccessInstallRoot" and add to the shell command. Your program should be able to run on its own by now.

You need to use command line switches to stealthily install Ms Access Runtime during installation of the application.

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How to make executable database in Microsoft Access?



Hello Mr. Malakasilon,

I read your problem, but I think this is not a very critical problem. Now I will try to give some workable solutions for your problem. Please read the solution below and work step by step then I think you will cover up the problem.

There are many options to do this function because Microsoft Access do not leave any option for that in the program which is going to be direct. If you want to perform your certain work you could follow my suggestions:

You can convert mdb to mde by using the database utilities which is required access too, to work. For this purpose you can use VISUAL STUDIO OFFICE TOOLS which refer to developer edition. You can use a package which is needed to run your database files without Access. By using Visual Basic Interface you can write an application and create forms, tables, reports, charts etc. Your database will be packed in because Visual Basic will create an exe.

I hope your problem has been solved by this solution.

Thanks from

Arafat hossain

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