“Error 3044” when running a macro on MS Access

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Hi everyone,

A front end DB is performing fine on all computer except one. When DB is running, it wants the username and password. After entering those, they choose the enter command button that opens the Home Form.

The home form is associated with an OnOpen event along with an embedded macro whose task is to open a hidden form that is kept open during the whole session. The message box shows that the problem is for this form. We get an error message box after pressing the enter button. 

Error is below:

Macro Single Step (MsgBox Name)

Home: Form: OnOpen: Embedded Macro (Macro Name)

Open Form (Action Name)

3044 (Error number)

FrmKeepOpen, Form,,,,Hidden (Arguments)

The 3 button options on the message box are "Step" which is disabled, "Stop All Macros" which appears enabled and highlighted, and "Continue" which appears disabled. This problem is only found on this computer.

What step should I follow? 

Thanks in advance.

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“Error 3044” when running a macro on MS Access


Dear Emimayer,

According to the error message u got " Open Form (Action Name) 3044 Error Number FrmKeepOpen, Form,,,,Hidden (Arguments)" while running a macro on MS access, it seems that some path is not valid and likely your database is a split database and you have linked tables to a back end.
May be the path to the back end changed. Make sure to use the UNC file path and not to use mapped drives because if u use mapped drive to link your backend, all the users should have the same mapped drive on their computer exactly.
Hope this may help you.
Best of luck.

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