Please help with Emulator communication error msp430

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I am using MSP430, eZ430 – RF2500, Iar workbench and using a version of 4xx. All works well but with some exemptions, when I connect the target board to the computer through the USB port system recognize it as a new device and start the new hardware wizard and it completes without installing the driver(driver was not installed correctly).

Then I unplugged and again plugged it. Finally,I decided to upgrade Iar workbench to version to its latest one 5.xx.

Then I installed the software and the driver for the target board and then always I get the message shown below as I try to download a program using emulator.

I checked my target board in Device Manager of Windows XP, but nothing happened.

Here is the error message:



Fatal error: No communication dll found Session aborted!

Please, anybody give me a solution for this.

Thank you.

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Please help with Emulator communication error msp430



For this error, I recommend you to use the latest version of IAR, you can download that here But if you still encounter the error, try to check the board. If you are using a custom board then you need to recheck the JTAG connection.

You may check on your user guide. You may try also to check this trouble shooting guide for MSP-FET430UIF.  If you are using Spy-Bi-Wire connection you must be sure that you connect MSP-FET430UIF like shown on page 28 Fig 2.2 of MSP430 Hardware Users Guide. Be sure also that select 4-wire JTAG option at menu -> Project -> Options -> FET Debugger over default 2-Wire in IAR. Good luck.

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