Heart rate monitor- a comparison between smartwatches

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I am thinking of investing in a smartwatch. But besides being completely connected to my phone, I would like primarily to use my smartwatch as a fitness and sleep monitor. I heard that the Moto 360 is a good choice but in terms of fitness monitoring, it has some major flaws. Can anyone elaborate? I heard that Microsoft produced a similar device with better results.

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Heart rate monitor- a comparison between smartwatches


The Moto 360 is sleek and attractive with a heart rate sensor built into the back and a pedometer that tracks all of your activity each day. There are several fitness applications that are currently compatible with the operating system. A user has the ability to control the Runkeeper app with the watch. Google Fit is already loaded and gives you added health-tracking resources. In the near future, Motorola will include its own Moto Body software. The Moto 360 does not, however, include GPS connectivity and you will still need to carry your handset so you can track your path. This is a minus for the folks who would like to leave their phone at home.

The Moto 360 has mid-level battery life, somewhat strange quasi-interactive notifications and apps that are hard to access. The real issue is Android Wear, Google's operating system.  With an improved battery life, enhanced software, and a better quality of fitness apps, this could be a great device. Those updates just don't seem to be here yet.

Microsoft Band definitely has a few pluses with the use of Microsoft Health and a cloud service for storing all of your fitness and health information.

The smart band has ten sensors to monitor steps, heart rate, sleep quality and the calories that you burn. Users will be able to track their fitness level on a daily basis, there is a GPS run mapping, access to Guided Workouts and statistics that you can review. The Microsoft Band is also compatible with the Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone. The Microsoft Band will allow users to preview email and view their calendar alerts.

The Microsoft's Intelligence Engine works with smartwatches, smartphones, wearables, and computers. It can use applications for fitness such as MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, ByJawBone and MyFitnessPal.

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