Biometric devices for computer programs and system and usage

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I am a computer programmer. One of my clients asked me to create a time monitoring system that is also integrated using biometric device. Do you have any suggestions which device out there we can have of good use? Can you tell me if it’s going to work with java software or visual basic? Can you give me specifications for that? Can you give me also the amount of it in the market? Can you provide me alternatives for this?

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Biometric devices for computer programs and system and usage



              Biometric software is a security system by linking physical attribute of users of the data to access safely. The most common biometric system uses fingerprint, Iris retina scans and facial recognition technology.

              The placed security device is personal, fingerprint based mobile that can used to authenticate users to access. Additionally the devices eliminate admin hassle and expense IT password management.

               On average $250 per employee per year can saved eliminate this calls. The authorized user's fingerprint and passwords are stored on poolside during the device issuance process.

              Once a user enrolled it perform successfully.

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