“Notification Area” in my screen 2 and 3

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Hello Experts,

I switched my Maverick to Natty to learn some of it features and gain additional knowledge with it.

I tried to apply some of my configuration on a new system with 3 monitors. In Monitor 2 an error appears after creating a new panel and adding applets to it. Applied to Monitor 3 same error faced.

What could be the cause these were it is functional in Maverick?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Error appears in my screen 2 and 3.   


Notification Area has quit unexpectedly

If you reload a panel object, it will automatically be added back to the panel

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“Notification Area” in my screen 2 and 3


Hello James_dy,

Maybe Natty does not support the functionality of working with multiple monitors as opposed to maverick which does, and thus you might need just to use it on a single monitor.

In case you have a manual for installing Natty, I will suggest that you review it and see if there are any additional features that may need to be added for Natty to work with the different monitors, or maybe there is some step that you could be missing during the configuration procedure and that should be explained well in the manual.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung


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