Please help to find WIM tool GUI ?

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Can anybody name any tool like GUI to extract/mount images with .WIM extension for Linux-Ubuntu? Please share the link where I can find WIM tool GUI ?

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Please help to find WIM tool GUI ?


Hi Alison,

You may try the following procedure for you to be able to view .WIM files on your Linux-Ubuntu.

1.    Install p7zip:
7z supports .wim files and since Archive Manager or File Roller to be exact supports .7z files, so what we need to do is to change the mime type of the .wim files (not the filename).
Command: sudo apt-get install p7zip-full

2.    To Change the mime-type, we need to install assoGiate (File Types Editor).  It is a mime-type editing tool since File Roller detects files by its mime types and not by its filenames.

3.    After installing the application, go to Menu then System Tools then File Type Editor

4.    Go to Type then Find (ctrl+F) then type “7z”.

5.    Select x-7z-compressed then go to Type then Edit then Filenames tab, then click on Add button.

6.    Type *.wim then Add. It will then mark all .wim files as 7-zip files.

Hope this helps,

Blackwell Willie

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