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I’m using a Norton Anti Virus 2005. The following installation error occurs:


Please help!

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You have problems in installation of Norton antivirus. Here are some tips for you.

First uninstall the Norton antivirus from your computer. Then delete all the directory files of Norton antivirus from program files. You also can remove Norton antivirus by using Norton remover.

Follow the steps:

01.   Download the latest version of Norton antivirus from Norton website.

02.   Install the Norton antivirus on your computer.

03.   If you have the license key then activate Norton antivirus

04.   If you don’t have it activate trial version.

If the problem still remains then you need to reinstall your operating system.

I hope your problem will be solved

Thank you.

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Hai Coury Timmons,

Here i will show you the possible error message, 

If the image shows the exact error that you have faced, Please follow the link to download the auto-uninstaller ( verified by microsoft ).

This program will help you in removing the each and every part of the antivirus files.

Hope these helped.