Can I remove windows custom settings?

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My computer screen has been attacked with warnings that my system is in a very critical mode advising me to download and install their program.

The pop up box shows a dreadful image and almost scares me as if my system is about to crash due to viruses, system and registry errors and that I should scan my system immediately. It is really annoying and keeps popping to my desktop. Even if I hit the X button to exit the pop up and make a full scan using my real Antivirus, it will come back and appear on my computer again and again.

The pop up box has a window logo, but my friend told me that it is a fake security method that appears on your computer especially if your computer is set to accept all cookies. I don't know if I accidentally installed it on my computer but it's always there. Does anyone knows how to prevent this error? How can I keep my system free from any fake Antivirus? I have kids who also uses my computer, I am thinking that they can possibly  installed it by accident. I am using ESET as my Antivirus. This is a legit version, running on my Windows Vista Service Pack 1. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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Can I remove windows custom settings?


Hi! Jamie,

  • Your friend is right, that is definitely a fake Antivirus program and it is a spyware (i.e. can record your internet activity). You may have accidentally let it in your computer by clicking a pop-up or entering a website that automatically downloaded this program. It shows fake “scan results” and makes you think that there is a virus when there really is none.
  • Your ESET Antivirus may be able to search and destroy the infected file, but it will have a backup so it will still come back.
  • To completely remove this from your computer, you can start by right-clicking on your taskbar and select “Start Task Manager”. Go to “Processes” tab and look for the possible process connected to it (i.e. virus alert).
  • By now you should download a real Antispyware/ Antimalware software and scan your computer and let it get rid of the infected files. Keep in mind that you can also prevent this from ever happening again by not clicking pop-ups and advertisements that offer you a free scan of your computers, etc.


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Can I remove windows custom settings?


The virus hit almost my whole system. It acts really, really slow to the point that I could not even open any applications installed on my computer. I decided to just start over. Insert my installation disk then perform a fresh install of my operating system. One thing I learned is that I should be very careful on clicking on links online. The good thing is we have people here in Techyv like you tass0731. We know we always have someone who's willing to help us.

Thank you so much.

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